Antics is a nightclub, Bumble is a church picnic, Tinder is a frat party.

We're not saying go to a real nightclub, it's on your phone. You can't go on the date for a couple months either. Yeah, this totally sucks, you don't think we know that?

This is a singular inclusive community for everybody. We mean everybody at once.

Straight and LGBTQIA+ in the same room, at the same pajama jammy jam.

Our best feature? It's not the social sharing, it's the lack of any algorithm.

There is no algorithm to keep the beautiful people in a VIP room with the other models.

We're not going to ban you for putting your Instagram in your profile, or sharing something that matters to you.

You can also leave the app. We know you're coming back. If you're looking to meet people or virtually date, we're not going to trap you a walled garden. Come and go as you please.

As long as you act like a human being, you're welcome here.